Durban, or in the language of the Zulu eThekwini, has with about 600.000 inhabitants roughly as many inhabitants, as Bremen does. eThekwini is also the name of the municipality, to which Durban and its surroundings belong. With its 3,4 million inhabitants, it  is the third biggest municipality after Johannesburg und Cape Town. The people of ... More


The center of associative life is Ōiso [long o] in the prefecture Kanagawa. 130 years ago, Japan’s first sea resort was opened in Ōiso. The town distinguishes itself by great abundance of nature and mild climate. A lot of leaders of economy and politics of the Meiji, Taisho and Showa-era (1868-1989) live in Ōiso or formerly owned a ... More


Dalian is a port city in the north-east of China which is directly bordering the Yellow Sea. Dalian is also calls the “Hong Kong of the North”. The population of the city amounts to round about 3,5 million people but includes nearly 6,17 million people in the extended urban area. The port of Dalian has a tradition for centuries and is the ... More


Although not the capital, Auckland with its over 1, 4 million inhabitants is the biggest city in New Zealand. Over one third of the whole population lives there! Thanks to its huge harbor Auckland is known as the main city of transit- but we can tell you, it’s worth of staying a while. How about enjoying a day on a yacht, since Auckland ... More


Vladivostok is today home of more than 600.000 people and located at the Pacific Ocean. Surrounded by Amursky Gulf from the west, Ussuriysky Gulf from the east, and Golden Horn Bay along the south, Vladivostok is the home of the Russian Pacific Fleet. The city is separated from its souternmost part, Russkiy Island, by Eastern Bosphorous ... More