Match review: Final day, 4.6.

The winners of the One Nation Cup 2016 are Russia and Germany. The boys from Dynamo Moskau won the Match of the day against Werder Bremen 2:0. The girls from the Bremen team did a better job and won against China in the final with 3:0. The girls final was dominated by the outstanding Kim Baade. The winner of the golden boot for the most ... More

Match Review: 4th day, 3rd June

After four hard days the One Nation Cup 2016 has its members of the finals. Because day four of the fifth ever cup, was the day of the semifinals. But not only that – there were battles for the overall fifth place as well. The boys from Turkey beat New Zealand 5:1. Best man on the pitch was Altay, who scored three goals himself and was a ... More

Match Review: 3rd day, 2nd June

It was decision day at the third day of One Nation Cup 2016. Every group and every match had a big impact on the final table. The Chinese girls played against South Africa, while the third member of the group, Poland, watched from the stands. Because if China would have won by a three goal difference, Poland would have been in the semi-final. ... More

Match Review: 2nd day, 1st. June

Four teams played their first One Nation Cup match on the second day. One team to make their debut was the squad from Israel. They played against the strong team from Werder Bremen, that beat New Zealand 7:1 the day before. But this time, Werder struggled a bit against well organized and aggressive Israelis. It needed two set pieces by ... More

Match Review: 1st day, 31st. May

Both German Teams started the One Nation Cup 2016 very successfully. The boys beat New Zealand 7:1 and the girl celebrated a 12:0 victory. In both Bremen teams one player stood out. Moritz Dodenhoff scored a Hattrick and Kim Baade even scored five goals. These teams are now surely serious contenders for the titles. In the other boys match ... More