One Nation Cup finals

China wins the final oft he girls as first Asian One Nation Cup winner
Russia succeeds in a tough match with New Zeeland

Both matches had to go over extra time and the winners had to overcome a thrilling penalty shoot outs. China and Japan played very disciplined and structured. So no team allowed the other to create many chances. The Japanese corned Chineses Zhao and Guo,while the Chinese try to give Japan´s number 10 Hinata not much of the space. But shortly before halftime .Hinata nearly managed to score. But keeper Zhou paid good attention.During the second halftime China created more chances, but couldn´t score. Already in the first minute of the extratime Japans keeper saved bravely.Only a minute later Hinata dribbled through the Chinese lines. Her pass gave number 16 a huge opportunity, but again Zhou showed an excellent reaction. The decision must come by a penalty shoot- out The first six players showed no reluctance abd scored all save. The 4 th penalty of each team didn´t reached the target, China shot over the bar and Japans next try was saved by the keeper. China Lui and Japan 13 scored again,aschina 6 did. But the 12th penalty made Zhou a hero as she showed a huge parade.
New Zealand missed it for the second time to take the One Nation Cup home. The final oft he boys competition was a tough one. Both sides performed very strong. The U15 talents of Auckland Wellington and Vladivostok/Russia created a very good match, which offered great entertainment for the spectators. Attacks, followed by counterattacks, beautiful passing and shooting, big saves offered a spectacle. While zhe Kiwi´s controlled the game at the beginning, slowly the Russian took over power and controlled the second half Begun, Torba, Tareck,Iwan Tolstoi and Iwan Skripka put a lot of pressure on the defence, while Nikita in the back organized his defense. The last minutes New Zealand, which had to cope the lost of Bukhosi -MVP oft he tournament- came up like a storm. Keagan shot over the bar and keeper Kaliadin must show two brave reactions. The overtime was opened by Beguns header, which only missed the target by a few cm.. Seconds after Tareck left the pitch Keegan snatched the ball and sent a perfect assist to Oli Fay, who finished with a good shot. While New Zealand was already in high spirits, the Russian organized their Comeback. Iwan Tolstoi´s long pass into the penalty room ended on the bar, wherefrom Iwan Skripka took it and put it somehow into the goal.
Again a penalty shoot-out must bring the decision. The Russian strikers scored four times more then precise, while Kaliadin could show two times excellent parades and hold tight the win oft he boys tournament 2018 for Russia.
Ali from team Turkey served with his goal a 1:0 win in the match forthe third place with boys from FC Sidney, hitting the 1:0 for the final score.
South Africa girls bet Germany in the match for the 3rd place by 4:2. 0;0 that ws the score at end of playing time Keepe Sthandilwe Mhlongo saved two penalties from the German girls and could again end up at third position in the table.r

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