Team Südafrika

Das Team aus der Südafrikanischen stadt Durban

Das Team aus der Südafrikanischen stadt Durban

When the invitation to the One Nation Cup came through, the city of Durban then composed a team that is made up of different players that reside within the city.

It is for the first time in the history of our city, that a girls team be sent to an international tournament.

We have to dazzling dribbling twins that the world of football is to see. The city values the invitation as it has created much more higher recognition of women’s football.

The schools from which these girls are coming fromare very excited of the One Nation Cup. The girls are training two times a week, with friendly games in between and have made friends and are looking forward in making more friends. Some players reside in the deep rural areas of our city and it will be for the first time that they travel abroad through sport and the city sees this as a life changing opportunity for the girls as we wish for them to be city ambassadors through sport.

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