Match of the Day 1.6.: China vs. Poland

When the game ended, the Polish players reacted very differently. A few laid on the ground shaking their head, and other ones took it on the chin. Both sides can be understood since the situation is difficult to react to after that 2:0 loss against China. Poland needs China to win against South Africa to advance to the semi finals having just one point. But at the end of the day the situation they are in is well deserved. They were not courageous enough against China to take something home. Just like their 2:2 draw against South Africa, Poland was not good enough offensively. Often it was remarkable keeper Klaudia Glaneri that saved the day. But soon enough China’s pressure got to much. China played smart through the midfield as well as they crossed the ball from the wings. Son Xing Yue was the fuel to China’s motor – she was uncontrollable and brought the ball often enough in the danger zone were Gao Ying Chao waited. It happened twice that Chao benefited and scored. But China’s strength, the short passes, is also their weakness because they missed a lot of chances playing this one pass too much. It is fair to say, that China can be dangerous for the top teams of Germany and the USA.

Poland on the other hand has to hope that China repeats their match and beats South Africa by a three goal gap – otherwise the Polish girls have to show their capabilities offensive wise in the match for the fifth place.

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