Match of the Day 2.6.: Japan vs. Russland

Uta Narukuwa could have been the hero of the third day at the One Nation Cup 2016. The Japanese Goalkeeper saved really well and was the one that kept Japan in the game. But when Merek Gamovskiy scored in the last minute, even Narukuwa could not do anything – the pressure has gotten too high and Russia won 2:1. It is really sad for Japan, that put up a great fight and annoyed Russia a long time. But Japan were really only annoying, they had no control of the game. Russia was too clever, too calm, too good. They tried to made Japan tired and waited for their chances, that increased at the end of the game. Russia did not hurry and that’s what make them so good. It was a well deserved victory.

Japan, physically inferior, started with courage. They went up front and got a few set pieces. Koyima Takem took the freekick and found the head of Haruto Ochiai, who headed in the net. They hold their lead until the middle of the second half. Russia changed a few things and started to put pressure on the Asians. It was the sub-player Nik Abramskin that scored the equalizer after a corner. Russia started to create more and more chances but Uta Narukuwa started his show. A goal was just a matter of time though and it was Gamovskiy that scored before that time was over.

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