Match of the day 3.6.: China vs. USA

A game like a ride in a rollercoaster ride. Up, down, left, right and in the end you do not even know what exactly happened. Except for Sun Xin Yue maybe. She was the one who scored the 3:2 winning goal in extra time for her Chinese team against the squad from the USA. A beautiful right strike in the top left corner was the one goal that sent them to the One Nation Cup 2016 final. All in all it was a well deserved victory for China, who were the better team especially in the first half, were USA rarely got the ball.

US_CHI2The 1:0 for China happened early. A shot from Jiang Le Le was not caught by the American goalkeeper although it clearly should have been. The early lead inspired China and on the back of Sun Xin Yue and the best player on the pitch Sun Ping Wei they let the ball move really nicely. The USA tried long balls to reach their top-striker Haley Fayard – but she could not get hold of the ball because the US-team did not move up enough. Sun Pin Wei scored the second goal with a great shot from outside the box and it looked like a defeat for the Americans. But they showed that they can never be written off.

Gabby Champange provided hope for her team scoring the 2:1. The USA did not change much after the disappointing first half except for tackling more and disturb the Chinese combinations. The longer the match went on and the USA sensed hope, the more nervous China became. Jiang Man apparently was really nervous – she made a big mistake, that brought the USA level in the last minutes of regular time.

In extra time however, the Chinese girls got back to their strength. Maybe it was because USA got tired and could not tackle with the same intensity like they did in second half. Many chances to score were created by the Chinese team thanks to the remarkable effort of Sun Ping Wei.  The decisive goal was then scored by Sun Xin Yue, who brought her team to the finals, where they will be facing Germany.

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