Trip to the Klimahaus in Bremerhaven

IMG_20160601_191203At the Klimahaus Bremerhaven the One Nation Cup motto was modified spontaneously by initiator of the Cup Marco Bode: „Play football, win friends, and save the one planet we live on.“ A proposal, which was warmly welcomed by all the teams and staff that gathered in the Klimahaus lobby. After a sporty noon with four games in the Pauliner Marsch everybody went to Bremerhaven together. There, they walked along the longitude eight and 34 minutes east on the face of earth, which is the route through the Klimahaus – a walkable museum with a lot to discover „It was my first time here and i really enjoyed it“, Lili Oberhoff from team Germany said. „Especially the Antarctica was interesting. I would not have thought, that it will be that freezing“, she continued. The longitude eight passes lots of different climates. Par example the Antarctica, the glaciers and valleys of Switzerland or the tropical heat of Cameroon.

But the real heat rose, when the all the players hit the dance floor after the tour and after the dinner. To stay within the climate topic, one could say, that on the dance floor, finally the ice broke between the participants. The different Teenagers from all over the world danced and sang arm in arm. Especially team USA was a sight to see, when they performed their dance choreographies. South African Ayanda Dlamini really liked the night in Bremerhaven. Her answer to the question what her favorite climate was was: „Just like it is in Bremen is the best for me. Not too hot, not too cold – it is just perfect here.“


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