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One Nation Cup Final Ceremony at Oiso Beach

Japanese Drums opened the Closing Ceremony. The final speech of children from Elisabeth Foster Home at Oiso was most emotional. The pupils from the local Primary School adressed their older peers in english and thanked them for the opennesss and the interest they showed to interact with Japanese peers. Mayor Nagazaki from Oiso ... More

One Nation Cup finals

China wins the final oft he girls as first Asian One Nation Cup winner Russia succeeds in a tough match with New Zeeland Both matches had to go over extra time and the winners had to overcome a thrilling penalty shoot outs. China and Japan played very disciplined and structured. So no team allowed the other to create many ... More

The final ends goalless

Even after the extra time, there is no winner. The penalty shootout also goes into overtime. The decisive penalty for China turns number 6 to 5: 4. The keeper saves the following penalty from Japan. The One Nation Cup is won for the first time by an Asian team. More

New Zealand – Russia 1:0 (0:0)

As both teams are already qualified for the One Nation Cup Finals 2018, it gaves the coaches a chance to bring all players in. Neither Russia nor New Zealand opened their books. Tomorrow there will be another match at the BMW Stadion at Shonan Bellmare definitely. There didn´t happen really much in the first half, the second ... More

South Africa wins against Australia

The first five minutes Australia managed to put a lot of pressure on the South Africans, but these had a very good organisation. Centerback Yolanda again performed very well and slowly the South Africans started to play their game. Passing quick and running fast into the open space. But it was a nice action of number 10 who ... More