The 2018 One Nation Cup in Shonan/Japan


Sayunara Japan –

6. One Nation Cup in Shonan – Zayko

Zayko means – a super job from team Shonan – a collaboration of the cities of Hiratsuka,Chigasaki and Oiso located at the shoreof on the pacific ocean! Under the direction of Y. Okudera (former player at the German Bundesliga) Shonan has organized a phantastic U 15 World Football Festival. Following the slogan “Play football – Win Friends” the participants from Australia, Germany, China, New Zealand, Russia, South Africa, Japan and Turkey experienced Japanese culture and hospilaty. Ten Boys and Girls teams played football at the highest level. Partner Schools and many volunteers supported the cultural exchange and created an atmosphere of wellbeing for all guest teams. The teenagers received frenetic support from their Japanese peers as fans during the games and introduced them into Kendo, Kanji, Origami and Otedano. Supported by the Sportgarten/Bremen/Germany , Yuzaburo Omori set up a fantastic organisation structure for the event – we say

Domo arrigato!

Shortly after the summer break preparation for the next One Nation Cup will start – then again in Bremen!






The 6th One Nation Cup will take place from 21.-26.05.2018 in Shonan / Japan.

The idea of the One Nation Cup is, to benefit from the popularity and power that football enjoys in the world, in order to organize a gathering bringing different peoples together to create peacemaking encounters for youngsters from all over the world.
PLAY FOOTBALL- WIN FRIENDS! That’s the slogan of the One Nation Cup. Teams from all over the world come to Shonan to play football, get to know each other and will experience, that in spite of our different heritage, languages and religions we have a lot of things in common and can be friends.

The teams come from all continents of the world, including Japan, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, Turkey, China, Germany and Russia.


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