Match Review: 1st day, 31st. May

Both German Teams started the One Nation Cup 2016 very successfully. The boys beat New Zealand 7:1 and the girl celebrated a 12:0 victory. In both Bremen teams one player stood out. Moritz Dodenhoff scored a Hattrick and Kim Baade even scored five goals. These teams are now surely serious contenders for the titles.

In the other boys match Japan won against Turkey. They started strond and quick and scored two goals in the first half. It was the second half, when Turkey began to play. They made a goal and got a penalty at the end of the game but missed.

The Match of the Day was South Africa against Poland. The girls from Durban were way smaller then the Polish girls but had more agility and quickness. The first half was high class from both sides and ended 2:2. In the second half both sides missed opportunities and so it ended with the draw.

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