One Nation Cup promotess international exposure

South African girls beating Japanese drums during the opening ceremony and Turkish Boys Team learn Japanese Tag Games at the Kajame Junior High School, while both sides are improving their language skills in interviews at the classrooms. More

Boys tournament has also started!

Boys’ opening game was the Oceania derby between Wellington Phoenix Soccer School and Sydney FC School Selection.  The Kiwi boys were boosted by their “Haka”, which was made famous by the  "All Blacks”, the rugby national team. They scored 2 goals in the first 3 minutes of the first half and that was enough.  The Aussie boys were ... More

Opening match of the One Nation Cup 2018 Shonan!

The girls match between Dalian U15 Women Football vs Sydney FC Associations Selection has kicked off the tournament. The Chinese girls scored 4 goals and won the first victory of the tournament. The Aussie girls showed their fighting spirit, so we can see their first goal of the tournament very soon. More

Closing Ceremony on the market place

The closing ceremony celebrates the tournament and the many friendships that were made. Timetable 17:30 - Raoky 18:45 - Medal Ceremony 19:30 - Coffee 20:30 - DJ Katch Artists   More

Trip to the “Climate House” in Bremerhaven

This event is not open to the public One of the highlights of the One Nation Cup is the trip to the "Climate House" in Bremerhaven. All Teams discover this unique place together and learn about the global challenges that come with climate change. More

Opening Ceremony in the Town Hall

This event is not open to the public The Opening Ceremony is the formal start of the One Nation Cup. All teams and partner schools come together for the first time and the oartner schools show the presentations that they have prepared. More