China – South Africa 1:0 (1:0)

South Africa team was much more focussed than in yesterdays game with Germany. Some of their attacking moves are quite promissing, but the Chines players manage always to keep the strikers away from target. South Africa keeper does some really good saves and a stunning one shortly before the break. A counterattack of them over the right side was stopped by Chinese defenders. It took only three passes to serve it for number 4, who scored the 1:0. This time the excellent centerback Yolanda couldn´t interfere, but she played a very good match. Same did once again China´s number 10 Zhao. South African Head Coach Thinasonke saw her team much better organised, but still:“overall it was good, our biggest problem is the pace, the passing was often not in time – the girls have to learn to cope with the pace.“

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