Match Review: 2nd day, 1st. June

Four teams played their first One Nation Cup match on the second day. One team to make their debut was the squad from Israel. They played against the strong team from Werder Bremen, that beat New Zealand 7:1 the day before. But this time, Werder struggled a bit against well organized and aggressive Israelis. It needed two set pieces by Werders best player Louis Poznanski, who scored one freekick directly and crossed the other one on Westphals head. Maxi Schütt scored the third and last goal of the 3:0 victory. With that result Germany will play in the semi-finals The other boys game was Russia against Turkey. The Russians were better throughout the game and won 7:0. Best man on the pitch was striker Timur Melekestev, who scored four times.

At the girls tournament, the high anticipated team USA made their first match against Latvia. The Latvians were, like their game against Germany, could not really get a hold on the opponent players. USA scored four goals and won easily. Haleys Fayard really shook the Latvian defense and scored two beautiful goals. The match of the day was between China and Poland. The Chinese girls beat the team from Danzig 2:0. It was Gao Ying Chao to net twice.

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