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Sportgarten e.V. Bremen offers a sports facility for kids and youngsters that’s unique in the Federal Republic of Germany.

The members and visitors are mainly kids and youngsters, that get involved in all decisions in an active way. By operating its facilities, the Sportgarten supports on the one hand popular sport and on the other hand –thanks to the modern and trusting mentality of the club- political and social education and development of kids and young adult as well as commitment and conscience for the community.

On nearly 12.500 square metres, 340 days a year and daily from 9:00 a.m. to 10 p.m. on 3 artifcial turf pitches, 1 basketball tartan court, 2.500 square metres of skate area, 1 beach volleyball field, 1 climbing- and bouldering wall, 1 trampoline park and in the whole Sportgarten we live a passionate idea:

„At our place sports are growing“- by education, culture, participation, encounters, qualification and integration. Consequently we use sports as a medium to support cross-border encounters in sports and in mind.

At the Bremer Überseestadt – the former port district of Bremen – sportgarten offers sport faciilities for Urban Sports integrated into a public park area. At the Postamt 5 close to the main station of Bremen the organisation runs an Indoor Skate Park in combination with an educational centre for digitalisation skills. The cooperation of the Fablab e. V., the University for Applied Sciences and sportgarten combines “sports and media” a key competency for the future generations.

WHAT does Sportgarten e.V. DO?

  • It operates and builds non-profit facilities for leisure, education and sports with a diverse and responsibly developed offer
  • It opens possibilities of participaion for youngesters- in their everyday life and beyond
  • It cooperates with schools of the neighbourhood and the whole region
  • It organises offers and events for leisure activities
  • It is contact person and a partner for most diverse interest groups at the realization of ideas and proposals
  • It takes action of prevention and health promotion
  • It develops strategies for social and cultural integration
  • It supports the understanding between different generations
  • It gives advise and helps with the planning of contemporary offers for youngsters
  • It encourages cultural and political education.
  • It is commited to the international understanding beyond the borders of Bremen and Germany

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