South Africa wins against Australia

The first five minutes Australia managed to put a lot of pressure on the South Africans, but these had a very good organisation. Centerback Yolanda again performed very well and slowly the South Africans started to play their game. Passing quick and running fast into the open space. But it was a nice action of number 10 who dribbled through the defence and scored the leading goal. This gave the Africas much more confidence for the rest oft he game. They managed to keep the „Aussie`s“ out of their box. Their keeper did a good save again and when number 7 of Australia hit a nice shot they had been a bit lucky. However the Australian team didn´t had a concept to stop the Africans to pass through their lines again and again. Best players of the match, the two who made a difference South africa´s Yolanda and number 10.

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