Match Review: 3rd day, 2nd June

It was decision day at the third day of One Nation Cup 2016. Every group and every match had a big impact on the final table. The Chinese girls played against South Africa, while the third member of the group, Poland, watched from the stands. Because if China would have won by a three goal difference, Poland would have been in the semi-final. But South Africa survived and lost 1:0, so that they will advance. The other game was a deciding game in terms of reaching the first place in the group. Also it determined the upcoming opponent of South Africa and China. Germany beat USA 3:0, so they win the group and will be facing South Africa in the semi-finals. USA will take on China.

One of the boys game was Israel against New Zealand – only the winner would advance to the semis. The game was one-sided and New Zealand never had a real chance. 5:0 was the score at the end. The last match of the day was also the best match of the day. Russia scored a late win against Japan.

All matches and goals:

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