Match Review: 4th day, 3rd June

After four hard days the One Nation Cup 2016 has its members of the finals. Because day four of the fifth ever cup, was the day of the semifinals. But not only that – there were battles for the overall fifth place as well. The boys from Turkey beat New Zealand 5:1. Best man on the pitch was Altay, who scored three goals himself and was a permanent danger for the Kiwis. After their last tournament victory in 2011, the Izmir squad finishes fifth. The one New Zealand goal scored arguably their best player by the name of Ben Gallagher.

The girls match for fifth place took place between Poland and Latvia. Poland, that missed the semifinal closely, beat the Latvian squad 7:0. The quick striker Julia Weodarczyk did a remarkable job and scored one goal and assisted many more.

The semifinals promised to be more dramatic – but not at the boys tournament. Germany won 5:0 against Japan, who put up a fight but were out of steam in the second half. It was Nick Woltemack who started the rain of goals for his Team. Germany will face Russia in the final, since the Dynamo Moskau squad beat Israel 3:0. Outstanding performance by Igor Shkdik, who scored one goal and assisted the third. He was, without a doubt, the best male player today.

The German girls are in the Finals, too. The team from top striker Kim Baade faced a strong South African side that conceded a pretty interesting freekick that Laura Riesenbeck took from the middle of the pitch. That was the first of four goals. Germany were simply too good for the girls from Durban. The Werder Bremen squad will meet China in the last game. The latter beat Team USA in extra time. A great strike by Sun Xing Yue in the first half of extra time got them in the finals. Throughout this class match both sides played really well and the USA never gave up coming back from a 0:2. This was clearly the match of the day.

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