Match reports

From 10 goals in group A Turkeys strikers shoot 9 and received none. Same did Germany. Both group leaders are fevering to go to the final on Friday, but first will have to play the semis with China/Wuhan (Germany) and New Zealand (Turkey). The turkish team watched a tough match between South Africa and the Kiwis, who survived the „pass storm” of the Durban team, as those missed their chances. Number 7 Will James was cool as ice, when he scored the second goal in the last five minutes. „We expected South Africa in the semi final, but New Zealands suits us much more, as the South African style is very challenging and we are not sure if we could cope with them as well!” China´s boys from Wuhan were defeated by Turkey 1:0, but played a draw with Azerbaijan. They will face Germany in Thursdays match. China´s girls got an easy 8:0 win in the match with South Africa. Germany won against Switzerland 2:0. That allows the Germans to avoid the strong team of Japan, who managed an 8:0 victory over Russia. Till now Japan scored 34 goals and received none! All teams who didn´t make it to the final round will play friendly matches on Friday.
The day before the guest teams went to their twin schools. Coach Nadine from Werder Bremen girls team said,”our team really enjoyed this visit, the girls started to do dancing together with the pupils, later our boys joined them.” Same experience had Scout Ayde. She went with the Japanese Team to the MEV Koleji Özel Güzelbahce Okullari: „ we had a really good time there, exchanged e-mail and facebook addresses. One of the teachers will visit them soon in Japan. Later we went shopping and everybody was so happy!”
Wednesday afternoon we´ll meet at the Asik Veyssel sports area ging Bornova. Team Japonya, Team Capetown and Switzerland will go for ice skating. The first ones to experience, the Swiss team because to escape from the heat. Their coaches will also challenge the other Coaches as a Tennis-Team. „Because we are all carry Roger Federers blood,” says Ursi fom Basel.

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