Beste Grüße der Wigton Moor Girls, England

It is two years since Wigton Moor Girls from Leeds England competed in the One nation Cup in Bremen! We had such a wonderful time – thanks to the expert planning that went into the event and the marvellous hospitality that we received from our partner school in Bremerhaven, your helpers and from all at the Sportgarten. It was a truly memorable experience to mix with the boys and girls from such a variety of countries – and I know that all are girls treasure the memories.

I see that you are welcoming some old friends to Izmir – where the weather is hot! If Willy is there from North West Switzerland please say „hello“ – I have a lovely video his girls singing alongside our girls on the bus on the way to the Sportgarten. Also please say hello to Marco.

The Girls at Wigton have continued to enjoy their football together – we played our final match of the season yesterday (see photo). Most of the girls have important school exams to do and then one more year, before going on to university. I think they appreciate the life skills that team sport brings, and a wonderful tournament like yours was a real „icing on the cake“.


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