The 2016 ONC stands for high-quality U15 football, but it’s in fact a lot more than just a football tournament. It’s an international football festival for girls and boys from all over the world, where it doesn’t matter from which religious or cultural conditions the players come from or which language they speak.
In Bremen, finding new friends from different countries is just as important as winning a game on the field. We hope that our guests will play an active role in the implementation of this idea – before, while and after the 2016 ONC.
Girl‘s and boy’s U15 teams (year 2001 and younger) from Africa, America, Australia and Europe are invited to be our guests. One girl’s and one boy’s team from Bremen will represent the host.
A team should consist of at most 16 players and should be accompanied by not more than 3 adults.
The tournament is being played under the rules of the World Football Association FIFA. 11 players play on a regular sized football field.
In every match up to 5 players can be substituted, regardless their position.
The 2016 ONC is a football festival which consists of one girl’s and one boy’s tournament.
In both of the tournaments the players compete against each other in 6 teams, divided in 2 groups, each one with three teams. The first and second in the group qualify themselves for the knockout stages (semi-final and final).
If a match is tied at the end of the regular playing time, there will be an intermission of 15 minutes. If it’s still a tie afterwards, the winner will be determined by penalty shoot-outs.
The drawing of the groups took place April 11th of 2016 in the town hall of Bremen. You can fin the results here.
The regular playing time is 2 x 25 minutes. All the matches are contested on artificial lawn/astroturf.
Bremen will cover all costs for accommodation, food and transportation. The teams just have to pay the organization and the costs of their arrival.
The 2016 One Nation Cup will support the participants in all VISA-related matters. The local embassies will be informed in advance.

During the tournament, each team will be supported and cheered by a partner school of Bremen and Lower Saxony. We will encourage contact between schools and teams during their stay in Bremen.
During the tournament a diverse cultural program will be organized for the teams and their twin schools. As this is the best opportunity to get in touch with each other and make new friends, we appreciate that all teams experience this social exchange program.
All guests will be accommodated in two hotels in Bremen.

Girls Teams will say at the Hotel Munte

Boys Teams will stay at the Hotel Atlantic Universum